Song Snippets
Here's a few samples of the original material that's available on our CD, "C'mon C'mon".  The CD's been out for quite awhile now.  One of these days we need to get off our lazy posteriors and record another...Lord knows we've got enough material to fill another CD.  Anyway, the samples here are just the first minute or so of each song, and the MP3 is a low bit rate to keep your download time reasonable.  You can get a CD at any of our shows, and occasionally you'll find Murph along the highway peddling CD's for....Well, we're not exactly sure what he gets for them.  He's never told us, and we're afraid to ask.  Be that as it may, we normally sell the CD's for $10, but we're always open to negotiation.  We're extremely susceptible to flattery, and you'd be surprised how far a good, stiff drink will get ya.  Be creative....
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Am I Wrong        Bit By The Baer        C'mon, C'mon               
I Don't Want To Hear Anymore        I Need You Tonight        Look Into My Eyes  
Piece Of You        River Of Love        Third Time's A Charm
This Old Guitar   
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