Meet the band....
Steve Murphy:
"Murph", a native of the Steelton area, is one of the original founders of the band.  You'll usually find him and his Ken Smith bass hanging out stage right, minding his own business, and trying to avoid any bodies that are flying past him trying to get on stage and try their hand at a microphone.  Although normally the quiet and seemingly "innocent" one of the bunch, don't let first impressions fool you...
Jack Nagle:
Jackís style is a blend of driving rock, funk, and fusion, that creates a unique take on popular standards.  With influences like Alex Van Halen, Neil Peart (Rush), and Carter Beauford (Dave Matthews Band), and Eric Singer (Kiss), he can put down smooth grooves, or pound out crushing rock rhythms . Jack has spent his years residing in the Mid Atlantic region. He currently lives in Harrisburg.  Jackís grooves come courtesy of Tama Drums, Sabian Cymbals, and Roland Electronics.
Gary Baker:
Gary's the other founding member of the band.  His primary purpose is to play a little guitar, try to sing some, and pretty much make a fool of himself in an attempt to make sure that you, our audience, get the most value for your entertainment dollar.  He's definitely a natural at the "fool" part of things.  Gary's lived in South Central PA area most of his life, and as suggested on our home page, always enjoys this site with a tall glass of Bacardi & Coke on hand.
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Liz Krom:
A PA native, Liz was born into a wide variety of musical influences from Randy Travis, to Jackie Wilson,  to
Aerosmith, to Michael Jackson.  She began her musical journey at the age of 5.  She later trained under a
Juliard graduate, and plays several instruments, including percussion.  Liz began playing guitar at 13, writing and performing her first song at the American Music Festival with former members of the band Live.  The rest is history, as they say.  She loves spending time with her two boys, and doing photography.  For better or worse, her favorite vocalist is....Steven Tyler!